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13th Age: Core Book
Price: $44.95
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Veteran game designers Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet 's love letter to their favorite dungeon-crawling fantasy roleplaying game! 13th Age is the highly-anticipated new rules-light fantasy RPG from two legendary game designers, combining an old-school approach with indie story game design. Players take the roles of fortune-seeking adventurers in a world where powerful individuals called Icons pursue goals that may preserve an ancient empire, or destroy it.. By defining each character's...

13th Age: Glorantha
Price: $54.95
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Create your group’s unique Gloranthan campaign using 13th Age: the d20-rolling game of heroic fantasy, escalating combat, One Unique Things, and limb-ripping owlbears!Developed by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet.For Game Masters, 13th Age Glorantha includes:More than 80 pages of monsters and enemies fully compatible with any 13th Age campaign, including Chaos priests, dragonsnails, scorpionmen, Crater Makers who call down the Moon, and the awesome Chaos demon known as the Crimson Bat.More than...

13th Age: Shards of the Broken Sky
Price: $34.95
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Flying realm down! A 13th Age Roleplaying Game sandbox adventure for player characters level 1-7 (and a bit beyond). When the flying realm of Vantage crashes to earth in the Dragon Empire, a long-kept secret is revealed: it was the control point for magical wards that kept a dozen ancient evils in check. The icons have offered you rival opportunities for glory, plunder, and/or heroic sacrifice in Vantage. Will you rescue its survivors? Restore its magical wards? Or loot everything that isn’t...